Thermal Imaging

Building Thermal Surveys

Thermalplus is a specialist provider of Thermographic surveys and thermal imaging services. All our Thermographic services are available to the residential and commercial property industries.

Thermography records nearest surface temperatures and our expert engineers have the ability to correctly set up their cameras with the right object parameters for the given situation. Our high level training ensures that we correctly assess the inspection and apply the required thermographic technique. We will ensure that the correct object parameters are input prior to any inspection commencement including emissivity, ambient and t-refl temperatures, distance, humidity and any other associated values required for accurate thermographic image interpretation.

Our surveys and reports enable you to ascertain the following?

• Missing and defective or inadequate insulation
• Air leakage through the envelope of the build
• Satisfy BREEAM Assessments
• Quality control cavity wall insulation
• Non intrusive building fabric inspection
• Maintenance inspections of electrical/mechanical building services
• Assessing the Energy Performance of Buildings

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